hope1 W1S1 [həup US houp] v [I and T]
[: Old English; Origin: hopian]
1.) to want something to happen or be true and to believe that it is possible or likely
hope (that)
We hope that more women will decide to join the course.
I do hope everything goes well.
It was hoped that the job would be filled by a local person.
Let's just hope someone finds her bag.
I hope to God I haven't left the car window open.
hope to do sth
Joan's hoping to study law at Harvard.
hope for
We were hoping for good weather.
Liam decided to ignore the warning and just hope for the best (=hope that a situation will end well when there is a risk of things going wrong) .
I rang my parents, hoping against hope (=hoping for something that is very unlikely to happen or be true) that they hadn't left yet.
2.) I hope so
spoken used to say that you hope something that has been mentioned happens or is true
'Do we get paid this week?' 'I certainly hope so!'
3.) I hope not
spoken used to say that you hope something that has been mentioned does not happen or is not true
I don't think I'm busy that day, or at least I hope not.
4.) I'm hoping
spoken used to say that you hope something will happen, especially because you are depending on it
I'm hoping (that)
I'm hoping the car will be fixed by Friday.
I'm hoping to do sth
We were hoping to see you today.
5.) I hope (that)
spoken used when you want to be polite and to make sure that you are not interrupting or offending someone
I hope I'm not interrupting you.
I hope you don't mind me asking, but why are you moving?
6.) I should hope so (too)/I should hope not
BrE spoken used to say that you feel very strongly that something should or should not happen
'They'll get their money back.' 'I should hope so too, after being treated like that.'
see usage notewish1
HINT sense 1
Do not say that you 'hope something would happen'. Say that you hope something will happen: I hope the weather will be nice (NOT I hope the weather would be nice).
hope 2
hope2 W2 n
2¦(something you hope for)¦
4 have high/great hopes
5 raise (somebody's) hopes
6 dash/shatter (somebody's) hopes
7 get/build somebody's hopes up
8 be somebody's last/only/best hope
9 be beyond hope
1.) ¦(FEELING)¦ [U and C]
a feeling of wanting something to happen or be true and believing that it is possible or likely
The President has expressed the hope that relations will improve.
hope for
She hadn't told Julie about her hopes for a reconciliation with Ross.
Rita has hopes of eventually studying to be a nurse.
The people are full of hope for the future.
This new treatment offers hope to thousands of cancer patients.
Michael's parents had almost given up hope of ever seeing him again.
We haven't had any success yet, but we live in hope .
We could try asking them, but I don't hold out much hope .
Should they sell now or hang on in the hope that the shares will soon be worth serious money?
We came to the island in the hope of finding a simpler way of life.
Such a lie is unkind because it keeps false hope alive.
She said the unemployment figures were a glimmer of hope .
something that you hope will happen
sb's hope
She told him all her secret hopes and fears.
My hope is that by next summer I'll have saved enough money to go travelling.
3.) ¦(CHANCE)¦ [U and C]
a chance of succeeding or of something good happening
hope of
It was rush hour, and there was no hope of getting a seat.
It was a desperate plan, with little hope of success.
hope (that)
There's still a faint hope (=small hope) that the two sides will reach an agreement.
not a hope!
spoken (=used to say that there is no chance of something happening)
not a hope in hell (of doing sth)
spoken (=not even the smallest chance of success)
They don't have a hope in hell of winning.
some hope/what a hope!
BrE spoken (=used humorously to say that there is no chance that something will happen)
'Your dad might lend you the car.' 'Some hope!'
4.) have high/great hopes
to be confident that someone or something will be successful
have high/great hopes of
We have great hopes of her - she's very talented.
have high/great hopes for
Parents often have such high hopes for their children.
5.) raise (sb's) hopes
to make someone feel that it is likely that what they want to happen will happen
It wouldn't be fair to raise her hopes of success.
6.) dash/shatter (sb's) hopes
to disappoint someone by making something that they want to happen seem impossible
The report dashes hopes of an early improvement in the economy.
7.) get/build sb's hopes up
to allow someone to believe that what they want to happen is likely to happen
Don't get your hopes up . There'll be a lot of people applying for the job.
8.) be sb's last/only/best hope
to be someone's last, only etc chance of getting the result they want
Please help me. You're my last hope.
be somebody's last/only/best hope of
Joshua's only hope of survival was a heart transplant.
9.) be beyond hope
if a situation is beyond hope, it is so bad that there is no chance of any improvement
be beyond hope of
Some of the houses were beyond hope of repair.
pin your hopes on sb/sth atpin2
COLLOCATES for sense 1
hope that
(have) hopes of (doing) something
be full of hope
give/offer hope to somebody (=make it possible for people to have hope)
lose/give up/abandon hope (of something) (=stop hoping)
live in hope (=keep hoping for something)
not hold out any/much hope (=have very little hope)
in the hope that (=because you hope that something will happen)
in the hope of doing something (=because you hope that you will do it)
a vain/forlorn hope also false hope (=when what you hope for will not happen)
glimmer/ray of hope (=a little hope, or something that gives you a little hope)
a symbol/beacon of hope (=something that makes people have hope)

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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